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We don’t sell your data to anyone.

As people involved into the software/startups world, we are particularly aware about users concerns about privacy respect and collected data.

In any case we will never give/sell your data to a third part. For this beta we will be collecting analytics to help us understand how people use the app and which areas need to be improved.

Here is a exhaustive list of data that we collect and why.

macOs app

Once you are logged in we use Mixpanel to identify you and follow your usage of the application. We log your github's username/ID and your email if you defined it as "public" only. We also count your organizations/repositories to enhance the sidebar's usage. We do not collect organization/repository's name or issue's content.

To ensure quality we use to collect errors while you running the App. The report includes your Gitscout's account ID, your Github's login and the error's stack trace. The report may include repository name and issue ID but no content or data of your repository.


We use Google Analytics to track website trafic, count application download and GitHub/Twitter links click.
None user is tagged.


For persistence reasons we store Issue Id that you marked as "Saved" and all the extra repos name you add from your settings, eg. "electron/electron", nothing more.

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Our mission is to help developers, designers, and anyone using GitHub collaborate efficiently.

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